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7 essential homeschool resources

7 Essential homeschool resources

August 11, 2020 Adrienne Brown 2 Comments

These items will make homeschooling easier

These 7 essential homeschool resources that I am about to tell you about are items that no new homeschooler should be without.

These things may seem obvious to some, but it is surprising how many new homeschoolers don’t know about or haven’t thought about the following things.


This item makes the 7 essential homeschool resources list. It may seem obvious to have a chalkboard or a whiteboard, but when I first started homeschooling these things didn’t even cross my mind.

I had forgotten about writing on the chalkboard during my own schooldays, I suppose. But let me encourage you to get one fast. Actually, I love both my chalkboard and my whiteboard.

With these two resources & supplies, I can interact with my kids with focused attention to any concept that they are having a problem with. I can have them write really big on the chalkboard so that I can pinpoint where they are going wrong.


Since they are writing bigger, I don’t need to stand up. Most of the times, they are doing the standing. This is a motivating factor too, believe me, they don’t want to stand for too long.

We have spent many sessions of drilling concepts or creating graphs on our chalkboard. The chalkboard allows me to demonstrate a concept in a very polarized way.

This is a technic that is hard to do on paper. Chalkboards & chalk are vital to our 7 essential homeschool resources list.


A whiteboard and an erasable marker are also on the 7 essential homeschooling resources list.

Now, these can be small enough for the child to hold on their lap or it can be a wall-sized whiteboard.

Although, if you use a smaller whiteboard it simply helps to open up so many lines of communication, especially when you are reiterating a concept.

My kids love sitting next to me during these sessions. It’s like they are getting one on one time with the teacher!

4-inch binders

You need 4 inch, 3 ringed binders to order your homeschool properly. Yes, yes, yes, these big boys will make your homeschooling life so much easier.

I use them to keep each student’s answer keys in the same place for convenient access.

These binders are essential resources for many other reasons, too. I file every quiz or test, for every subject, for the year, in one of these 4-inch binders. But be careful, by the end of the year, it can get pretty heavy.

Yet, it is well worth the effort and it saves me having to pull out a hundred different binders! Ugh, I do not like disorganization, and these binders help me to stay organized.

Pencil Sharpeners

pencils are must-have resources and supplies

This item definitely needs to be on the 7 essential homeschool resource list. It is a resource that every homeschooling family needs.

I really recommend the old fashion handle one. Partly for a nostalgic reason, but mainly because it seems to be the best kind out there.

we have purchased so many electric versions, only to have them break down before the year was up.

My old fashioned , faithful hand operated sharpener is still kicking!

Book bags and cloth bags

I absolutely love these essential items. Please, understand that your children will still need book bags for school even though they are homeschooled.

Homeschoolers are usually pretty mobile and must be able to carry everything needed for a schoolday.

We have to leave the house at least three times a week most days. Some of the older kids may have band practice, sports practice or college.

When this happens It means that I have to drive that child and the other children have to come along for the ride. The bookbag allows each child to pack everything needed for the day’s work.


Moreover, the cloth bags are a must-have for me to load up my teacher’s books. Because I often find myself sitting in one of the empty rooms working with the younger kids and making corrections during practice.

If its the local community college, then we often wait outside sitting at a bench doing schoolwork.

Another reason these bags are essential is you will need them when checking books out from the library. Yes, these bags are must-have essentials for loading up the stack of books that your kids are sure to get from your local library.

My 7 essential homeschool resources top item

Transcript Maker is a must-have essential resource that will make you look like a homeschooling pro. I have graduated 4 sons and I created professional looking transcripts using this online resource.

They don’t offer components for the elementary grades or middle school as of yet, but the highschool software is awesome.

You will definitely need an official transcript. Especially, when your high schoolers are applying to colleges, Military Academy’s, and congressional appointments.

Trust me when I tell you this product is essential, I know first hand, Every transcript that I ever created has been accepted without question.

So, the above items are my list of essential items. I believe that every new homeschooling family should get right away!

You won’t regret it!

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  1. Lori
    August 11, 2020 - 7:57 pm

    Cloth bags- Yes! We use cloth bags all the time, particularly for library trips.

    • Adrienne Brown
      August 12, 2020 - 1:37 pm

      They are the best! Cloth bags really keep books in place!

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