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Adrienne Brown’s Books

I know homeschooling can be scary, intimidating, and lonely at times, But Adrienne Brown’s Books and resources can help you succeed!!

Being a 26+ veteran homeschooler, homeschooling has been a part of my life for years.

During this time I have found time to write down some of my homeschooling experiences in hopes of helping others.

The practicalminded mama

So, whether you are a brand new homeschooling

parent or a seasoned G, you will find something to enjoy here!

Good Entertaining Reading For The Kids and some for Teens!

Homeschool mom of 8

Finally, Homeschool Tony, is a fictional story about a homeschooling family. You will fall in love with this family, especially Tony! A 13-year-old who loves paintball and the swim team! Homeschool Tony is the first book in a 2 part series. Read about their fun times and grieve with them through hard times. Tony is a really nice kid who has to face some ugly situations in his young life.


Once you get your book, don’t forget to get your free worksheet. It will help you to discuss the book with your young person.


Tony’s Trials– this story is a sequel to Homeschool Tony. Tony’s Trials takes you into the homeschooling world of 13-year-old Tony Wright, who is being falsely accused. The lies put Tony to the test and challenge his whole family.  Find out how things work out for this homeschooling family.


Once you get your book, don’t forget to get your free worksheet. It will help you to discuss the book with your young person.

Homeschool mom of 8

Cowboy Critter Day is a delightful imaginary story of two young homeschooled brothers’ crazy, unique animal collection. Come join them as they round up all their wonderful critters as they run around in their big backyard!


Once you get your book, don’t forget to get your free worksheets. It will help you to identify the creatures in the book.

Homeschooling Encouragement


Commanded To Homeschool is a story of success, struggle, and perseverance. This book will highly encourage you in all of your goals.  Your desire to homeschool,  your desire to be a Stay at home mom, and your desire to raise your own kids are all possible.

Are you a new mom? Are you new at homeschooling? Well, this book is for you. Learn how this 26- year veteran homeschooling, SAHM  learned to organize and be successful at homeschooling her children. The author tells how she was forced to grow into motherhood. She shows you how she overcame all of the struggles while maintaining her sanity.


Grab this Free Homeschool Resource workbook, to help you sort out your homeschooling goals.

Do you want to homeschool but don’t know where to start?
Are you afraid that you won’t know what to do?
Maybe you do not want to miss the early years of your children’s lives.
Then homeschooling your children is the way!🧒🏾
Homeschooling 🤸doesn’t have to be as hard as we make it out to be, especially not at this stage!
⚽This is the fun explorer stage! 🤸It’s when the eyes and ears of your littles 🧒🏾 are wide open for information!

This book will introduce you to my ‘Fun, Easy, Methods’ of educating your kids!
You will find simple, easy-to-apply methods to homeschool your young elementary-aged children throughout these pages!



Homeschooling The Littles

Homeschooling your k thru 5th-grade child doesn’t have to be hard and complicated. This course gives you a fun, easy method that helps you to educate your elementary school kids.

  • Learn how to use everyday items to teach counting, color recognition, and sorting.
  • Learn how to read books to your kids with the goal of teaching them comprehension, how to follow a story, and how to illustrate a story as they listen.
  • Take your kids outside to teach them how to identify everyday foods, trees, flowers, and animals.


Daily Homeschooling Schedules

Do you need an organized way to keep your kids on track with their daily school assignments? Then these handy convenient schedules will help you to do just that. There are 18 schedules. Each grade level has pictures and colors that are appealing to young boys and girls They will love filling them out too. Most importantly, You will appreciate the structure and helpful cohesiveness of your daily routine utilizing these beautiful daily homeschool schedules.


HomeSchool Mom of 8