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August 11, 2023

Poetry by Homeschoolers | Dutch Apple Pie

Poetry by homeschoolers ‘Dutch Apple Pie’ is an attempt to showcase our kid’s creative writings. Years ago, I  tasked my then 9-year-old son with baking a Dutch Apple Pie and...

twin women

March 21, 2015


The lost strength, The strong will, it once possessed. The body. Now the mind must silently suffer all that was. And now, All that is, Reality. A once towering force...

March 21, 2015


The Fingerprint Like you, I am a little bit shy Walking in the opposite direction of most strangers, You know why, Holding my true feelings within my soul, Not wanting...

March 18, 2015

Insatiable Love, Fulfilled

I love the way you make me see into your heart. Even when there was no room for your personal thoughts. The place where insatiable passion once existed. Deep within....

skulls in jungle

March 14, 2015

Death All Around

Time stops when Death is all Around You Someone has led me to an insane asylum. Death is his name. As we walk the streets of entry, I am reminded...

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