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Poetry by Homeschoolers | Dutch Apple Pie

August 11, 2023 Adrienne Brown 0 Comments

Poetry by homeschoolers ‘Dutch Apple Pie’ is an attempt to

showcase our kid’s creative writings.

Years ago, I  tasked my then 9-year-old son with baking a Dutch Apple Pie and then writing about it.

 This is what he handed me:

Dutch Apple Pie

It was almost dinner time,

And I Had To Make a pie.

I Had To Make It Right Then And There,

And I didn’t know why.

Mom Told Me To Get The Cookbook.

She said find the word in there

To Look It Up In The Index, And I Had To Find Where.

I Looked In The Index,

And Went Straight To The Source.

Looking Under “Pie”,

I Found It, Of Course.

I Read The Directions, And The Ingredient List

So I Started Finding The Things That I Needed To Put In It.

I Put In The First Ingredients And Evened Out The Stuff.

I Mixed It, And Mashed it.

(I did it Kind Of Rough)

The Second Ingredients, Where Boiled

In A Pot On Top Of The Stove.

Then When it was Finally Done

I Poured It Into The Pan Bottom

Spreading It Evenly In The Pan,

I Put The Crust On Top.

After I Put It In The Oven,

I, For Awhile, Could STOP!!!

I Slumped Into The Chair,

Waiting For The Beeper to Beep.

I Sat There Waiting, And On Time

The Beeper Did Beep.

I Took The Simmering Pie Out

All Golden Brown From baking.

I Sat It On The Stove To Cool.

It Was Mine For The Taking!

Everyone Tried It.

They All Liked It A Lot.

The Only Thing Wrong, Was

The Excess Water In The Pot!

Next Time I Bake Apple Pie

I Won’t Use So Much,

And When I Come To Think Of It,

It Didn‘t Look, Or Taste Dutch!

Copyright © 2005 Adrienne A. Brown

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We love apple pie in our home and I love going apple picking at our local apple orchards.

By the way, if you are from Virginia here are 2 of our favorite orchards, Jenkins & Carter Mountian.

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