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Ultimate purpose of a homeschooling mom

Ultimate Purpose as a homeschooling mom

August 10, 2023 Adrienne Brown 0 Comments

What is our ultimate purpose as a homeschooling mom?

According to many of the great philosophers, this is a constant question that societies have asked in one form or another.

Although we may not have found the answer to this question for every aspect of life, We can come to understand many things as we travel through.

It seems to me that as we walk through this space in time, our perspective on life changes so much.

When we’re very young everything excites us. Everyone else seemed so big in our eyes. Memories from those days, fill me with fear in this very moment.

Cherish and protect your position as their mom

A sense of wonder and extreme fear will always seem to capture your soul. In thoughts, particularly when compared to others.

That is to say, protect yourself, Mom, look not to others. Keep your eye on the only one who matters. He will lead and give you everything you need to care for the lives sent to this earth through you.

He is not confused about your person, He does not call you ‘cis-gendered’ He is the one who formed you.

He fashioned you perfectly for your man. One of your most important superpowers is to bring forth human life. What other creature can do that?

Maturity will help you to define your purpose

As I aged, everything began to take a U-turn back towards me. Yet, my mind still searched for understanding. Always trying to understand the fear, the what, the why?

Then I heard someone say that we must wander after God. He will answer the burning questions about purpose, which takes away the fear, and makes your existence necessary.

  ” The older you get the more it takes to fill your heart with wonder! Only God is big enough to fill that heart”

Ravi Zacharias

Now I know my purpose, I understand why I am here. and it is not to fear!

Just a few books that have helped me along on my journey!


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