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FREE: A free guide to help you find the right resources for your teen!

FREE: This free guide will give you 3 powerful tips to help you homeschool your kids with ease.

How To Build Your Inner Self

My Life is a hiding place for all your personal feelings. Each page has a thoughtful prompt to help put you into a self-reflecting mode. Designed to help you draw out those deeply hidden emotions.

Understanding Spiritual Gifts is one skill that every Christian thinker needs to grasp. This short study will bring clarity to your life.

How Do You Know God’s Your Father? Have you ever thought about these questions? Well, this short study will help you to answer it for yourself. I loved going through these scriptures to discover a new strength in my relationship with the LORD.

Commanded to Homeschool -Do you need encouragement and a road map to help you embrace homeschooling? This book will give you the confidence to do just that. Adrienne shares her successes, trials, hardships, and shortcomings. She helps you believe in yourself.

The One Thing has turned my world completely around. I now am able to accomplish so much more by following the advice for prioritizing the task in my daily life.

Tactics is a must-read for any person claiming to follow the Christian God. Your thinking and courage will be upped 10X after reading this book. You will be ready to give an answer for the hope that is within you forever.

Helpful Books To Grow Your Business Side

Eat That Frog! sounds gross but it is an awesome help with combating procrastination.

Online Courses for the Motivated Entrepreneur

Equipment for building Social Media & Online Presence