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March 21, 2015 Adrienne Brown 0 Comments

The lost strength, The strong will, it once possessed.

The body.

Now the mind must silently suffer all that was. And now,

All that is,


A once towering force in the life of many.

Dictator over the small.

Ruler of the meek. Conqueror of the weak.

Life in its various forms.

Plays out every significant and insignificant detail for us all.

Within our minds eye.

When our bodies are the strongest,

our minds are sometimes capable

of its most evil transgressions.

Never seeing the future.

Never envisioning immobility.

In this way our minds delude our bodies.

And now it must pay in a most hideous way.

Our past victims. Our current comforters

Are one in the same. This is our fate.

Our minds outcome. Not our bodies.

Copyright © 2015 Adrienne A. Brown

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