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Improper homeschooling

Parents Not Homeschooling Thoroughly is bad

October 9, 2021 Adrienne Brown 0 Comments

What is the truth about Parents Not Homeschooling thoroughly?

Parents, not homeschooling thoroughly shines a negative, light on all other homeschoolers.

  • It makes it bad for the homeschooling community as a whole
  • Harvard experts go around broad brushing other homeschoolers efforts
  • Bitter, disgruntled children create youtube channels and start blasting all homeschooling
  • Besides, the neglect of a child’s education is sad and wrong

Parents who do not homeschool their kids thoroughly make every homeschooling family suspect

For instance, you hear about a story where the kids are being held captive in their own homes, chained to their beds, and being starved to death.

Meanwhile, their so-called christian parents greedily eat up all the food, while pretending that they’re one big happy homeschooling family.

Let me assure you, they are not the typical homeschooling family, those kinds of people are sick.

The average homeschooling family cook nearly every meal that their children eat. They are on the road almost daily driving children to activities.

Bad homeschooling

Parental burnout is a real thing for many hard-working homeschooling parents. They are very thorough in homeschooling.

If you do not homeschool thoroughly it invites some of homeschoolings staunches critics

A Harvard professor wrote an article attacking homeschooling. It suggests that homeschooling parents

follow a slue of regulations. In the article, the professor insisted that homeschooling was victimizing and harmful to children. These kinds of opinions are the reasons that we must give our best to our children’s education.

Although there are some legitimate cases where children are put in danger under the guise of homeschooling. Please, let’s not be those people.

Therefore, homeschooling thoroughly shuts the mouths of our haters.

We must homeschool thoroughly for our kids sake

Why did you decide to homeschool your children? I’m asking you because in most cases parents make the choice to homeschool.

This is a critical fact. Homeschooling thoroughly is imperative to your child’s future success. Parents who choose to homeschool must think long and hard about this decision. You have to create the best learning environment for your child so that he or she can thrive.

You as the parent must seek out all opportunities allotted to them as students. The best academics, extracurricular activities, social opportunities, and sports.

Think about it, if your child was in public school they would have access to all these things. I encourage you to please homeschool your child based upon their strengths and desires, not according to your fears and prejudices.

When parents neglect to homeschool thoroughly they end up raising resentful, disgruntled children. These children turn into adults that trash all homeschooling and homeschoolers.

Stop neglecting your child’s education

I have met people who claim to be homeschoolers, yet they are clearly neglecting their children’s education. It’s sad and wrong. Please, if you don’t want to homeschool for real, for real, put your children back into public school.

Homeschooling can be a beautiful wonderful adventure

However, it takes a clear plan, a strong resolve, a solid commitment, and willful persistence.

Parents have been educating their kids for years and helping them to reach tremendous goals. When you homeschool with a clear goal in sight, you will homeschool thoroughly.

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