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What DOESN’T Happen When Learning How to Homeschool With Me

October 12, 2021 Adrienne Brown 0 Comments

Learning How to Homeschool With Me, Means That You Just Want A Easy Simple Way To Be Successful

Homeschooling has been my obsession and my passion for the past 26 + years. In fact, I just received some new books yesterday and my skin began to tingle all over. I told you that I am obsessed and passionate about homeschooling.

I am pro, pro homeschool, so please excuse me if I am a little over the top.

But we’re here today to talk about what’s Not going to happen. Specifically when you learn homeschooling and home management with me.

Whether you have participated in one of my seminars, taken one of my courses, or listened to a podcast that I appeared on, there are things that I can PROMISE you are not going to occur.

Not at all.

1. You Won’t Get Surface-Level Nonsense

One thing that I can’t stand is people giving new homeschooling parents only tidbits of homeschooling help because they want them to purchase their course.

My goal is always to help others to be successful in homeschooling, parenting, and managing their homes like a veteran. So, I give as much as I can, even if they never purchase one of my courses.

2. I Won’t Tell You That Homeschooling, Parenting and Managing a Home is Easy

No, it is not. If you are a new parent, new homeschooler then you probably already know it takes a lot of energy to parent. You must be willing to commit your all to the children that you bring into this world, especially if you decide to homeschool them.

Managing your home goes hand in hand with parenting and homeschooling. I can teach you how to handle all three with less stress and love.

3. You won’t be stuck and confused about your ability to parent and homeschool awesome children

My courses help the beginner parent start off in the simplest way, yet on the best foot to get it done.

If you follow my advice and stay persistent and consistent you will have the success that you want. I am not giving you fluff. I have raised and homeschooled 4boys to men, already. Each one was homeschooled and graduated with honors.

All 4 got into tier-one colleges and all 4 are productive citizens today.

We are still using the same methods with our youngest 4. Things are going well, and we are experiencing the same kind of success with our adopted children.

You won’t be confused are wishy-washy about how to manage your family. That kind of mindset hinders the best of efforts. There is a mindset out there that tells you to allow the child to lead and dictate what will happen in your home.

There is SO much wrong with that mindset, but here are two that stand out to me.

1. Managing a home and family requires rules and boundaries. Letting your child lead outside of boundaries that have been set by you will lead to a child who will have wholes in their education and life.

We naturally lean towards what’s easy and fun. When we are young and immature we will always choose what is comfortable for us, not what is best for us.

I teach parents to do both, allow the child to choose within boundaries set by parents, and be the head of their homes. When it comes to parenting, homeschooling, and home management parents have to set the boundaries and have the ruling authority.

You can absolutely give your child a choice, but it should be filtered through selections that you have already reasoned through.

Remember, our children are brilliant, but ignorant at the same time. We can’t expect young kids to decide about their futures, alone. No, that is your job parent. You must guide them to the way that they should go. I can show you how to do it with consistent and persistent ease.

2. Not only is allowing a child to lead in his own education a bad idea, it sets that child up for failure. Imagine allowing your child to lead, without boundaries set up by you initially, and he goes to take a Standardized Test? What do you think will happen?

That’s definitely not going to happen if you learn how to homeschool with me. I’m here because I want parents to be able to get their children into any college that the child so desires and I want every child that desires to be the best at their academics to COMPLETELY FLOURISH.

Homeschooling, Parenting + Home Management

I take what I do very seriously. I don’t think ‘too’ highly of myself, not so much. If you follow me on Instagram or if you have taken any of my courses, you already know that.

But when it comes to the work I do and the services I provide, the games stop.

Working as a family life homeschool consultant means that your advice has a profound impact on someone’s decision to homeschool. Which means someone’s academic achievements. Their future.

When I write my books, create my courses, or give someone advice, I’m completely dedicated to giving as much value as possible so that the results speak for themselves.

And I want that for you. I want you to get results. I want you to see the power that homeschooling, intentional parenting, and home management have, holistically, on your home life.

And I won’t quit until you get there.

Let’s Do This Thing Already!

Are you ready to get there? Are you ready to put in the work it takes to make your homeschool THRIVE with the power of consistent and persistent home management? If you’re in, I’m ALL in. Let’s get it.

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