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How to stay motivated in homeschooling

July 4, 2022 Adrienne Brown 0 Comments

How to stay motivated in homeschooling is one of my top quests, so you have come to the right person. In this article, I will show you why it is imperative that you stay positive, confident, and fulfilled.

Additionally, I will demonstrate that doing so will ensure your homeschooling success.

In my 26 years of homeschooling experience, I guarantee you that staying motivated is the key to your homeschooling success.  

So, please allow me to recommend the following motivational tools to you: 

1. Make sure you have the right mindset

 In other words, what’s your reasoning for homeschooling? I mean, what’s your why?

In the beginning, our reason for homeschooling was to provide extraordinary opportunities to our children.

As far as, parenting-wise, schooling-wise, and just protection-wise.

 I specifically wanted to give them everything I didn’t have as a child.

In our culture today, people say that’s kind of a lame reason. Many will label you as a helicopter mom or an overbearing mom.

Just know that a made-up mindset motivates you to stick with It.

Most importantly, that same mindset will help you to stay consistent and persistent with homeschooling your children.


 2. Desire to see your children flourish

Thriving in homeschooling must be one of the top priorities for your children.

You should want them to have the best of the best. 

I am not talking about material things, but everything that they need to do well in homeschool.

We wanted them, first and foremost to have a knowledge of God and His Word.

We wanted them to know how to apply it to their lives.

If you can convey this to your children, it will increase your personal motivation 10 times over.

In addition, try to provide the best academic curriculum that works for each of your children.

This will keep them happy and enthused. It will also help your motivation, since an unhappy, nonperforming child is a definite energy suck, for sure.

Involve your children in various outside activities and sports.

Them doing sports will help you to stay motivated in so many ways.


Exposing your child to their future vocation promotes motivation for the entire family.

We tried our best to help our kids find work in the areas that they desired. 

Even though, the choices that some made back then are not what they actually ended up doing as adults. Yet, our motivation was to show them that they can be successful at anything.


3. Show them that they don’t have to fit any stereotype

 A huge motivator is to make them believe that they are smart, beautiful, and especially equipped by God, Himself.

I need them to embrace themselves as worthy and capable of success.  Right, this Is It! 

 Happy, well-rounded, self-assured children are comfortable in their own skin.

This fact makes for a happy home and highly motivated parents.

So, to sum up how to stay motivated in homeschooling.

Along with these basic motivational tools, I encourage you to take a good look at your children.

Say to yourself, why am I homeschooling? Why am I even doing this?  If your answer doesn’t help to motivate you. 

If your answer doesn’t make your heart flutter, then maybe you’re doing the wrong thing. 

Remember, more than likely you chose to homeschool your children, so think about their future.

Their success will be directly influenced by your participation in it. 

After all, It is your responsibility to keep your homeschool and your children enthused about all things homeschooling.

Preparing For the Homeschooling Doldrums

Yet, let me caution you to be prepared for the days when you feel most uninspired. Because there will be those days.

But, just as we can influence our own emotions about homeschooling, we can prepare for down days.

If you are new at homeschooling, just starting or it is your first year don’t give up.

Maybe you have been homeschooling for more than one year and you’re starting to become bored.

Go back and check yourself!

There was an old saying “Check yourself before you wreck yourself” This is such a  true statement!

Check what you are doing, and remember your why. Hopefully, this will help you to rally and help you to keep going.

However, the school system in such a state is enough to motivate me to keep my kids home. Here is a link to some homeschooling Tips & Tricks.

I’m Adrienne Brown, The homeschool mom of 8. 

 I am here to help you, the new parent. Let me help you discover your own unique path.

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Be sure to check me out, okay!

I will see you soon, have a blessed day!

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