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How to not lose your mind

How to not lose your mind

January 24, 2021 Adrienne Brown 0 Comments

Learn how not to lose your mind with the Secret to a Mother’s Perfect Homeschool Day

It is Easier Than You Think!

Are you overrun with so many homeschooling responsibilities that you just think that you may lose your doggone mind!!!!!

Yeah I know, I have had those kinds of days, and based on a lot of my conversations with my fellow mama’s many of them would agree with you, and so do I.

From the time I get up in the mornings,  I am tasked with homeschooling my children, managing my home, and many other things.

This is a never-ending, everyday, homeschooling routine, from writing for my blog, and getting school books ready for my kids, to helping everyone with their lessons.

In addition to those responsibilities, most days I have to prep and cook dinner. Then, later on, I prepare for my 2 different Bible studies.

Then there’s sports practice, music lessons, …etc, etc, etc…

That still isn’t my whole schedule, because I left out my exercise, personal Bible study, and many other things.

Oh yeah, and then there are Saturday games and Sunday church activities.

This has been my life for over 25 years, So believe me when I tell you that I do understand.

I know how hard and demanding being a stay-at-home mom really is.

 But, I have come today to help ease your mind and to show you how to stop the struggle within. Let me teach you how not to lose your mind!

My methods can help you stop the tears, fight the resentment, and find peace in your heart. But it is a method, you have to put it into action if you want results.

Secret #1- Knowing your daily responsibilities to keep your mind

I want you to take a good long inventory of your current mothering life. Get a notepad, and write down all of your daily responsibilities.

From getting up early for personal time to whatever you have to do right before bed. Put it all down, it may seem useless to do this at first but do it anyway.

It’s satisfying and eases the mind when you can see what needs to be done on a daily basis.

This list will have a calming effect on the senses, because you will know, for sure, what you have accomplished in any given day.

Instantly you will no longer feel like a scatterbrain. You will get a boost in your self-esteem, due to more control of your surroundings.

I know because this is what has happened for me.

Secret #2-Keep your mind by prioritizing

Now, take the list, prioritize it, figure out what needs to be done first, do that, and stick to it!

Don’t let people get you off track! Don’t let your kids get you off track!

Aside from a serious emergency, do not let others sidetrack you and drain your time.

Not the phone, not the computer, not even church activities.

This part is so, so very important

∗If you allow people to cause you to throw your schedule and priorities to the side,  then you may as well stop reading this blog post right now∗

you know, once I implemented this stance in my parenting, stay-at-home mom life, things changed for me.

I no longer feel burned out or inadequate at the end of my days.

Let me tell you a little secret, I don’t complete every task on my list every day, either.

But, most days  I do get all the tasks completed that are necessary for my home to be in a peaceful state.

This is just the first two steps in the secret to keeping your sanity. Follow this link to read the next part of the secret to not losing your mind.

Over the years my husband and I have been successful in raising all 8 of our children using these methods. I have shared more of our journey in my book. Check it out by clicking the picture.







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