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lose your mind pt2

How not to lose your mind pt2

January 23, 2021 Adrienne Brown 0 Comments

Secret #3 -Training your family to help ease your load

How not to lose your mind requires you to train your children to march to your drum. You will do this in such a way that they will enjoy the dance.

How to do this you ask? Training, Training, Training my dears!

You have got to train your children to dance to your rhythm, especially when they are young.

By doing this while they’re young, they will naturally fall into step and welcome your daily orchestrating of their time.

You have to walk them through doing a task just how you want it to be done.

This will show them exactly how to do something right the first time.

If I was training a child on how to clean the bathroom, then I had them go through the entire process with me.

I would repeat the process until they understood how it should be done. My life was forever changed once they got the process down.

lose your mind

This method of training can work even if you bring older children into your life and home through foster care or adoption.

In fact, you really must put this method into practice when bringing in new children.

How not to lose your mind method is too controlling?

I know that some may look at me as being a control freak, a helicopter mom, or whatever other negative connotations or labels they can come up with.

I don’t care one way or another. As a result of us having trained in this manner, I rarely lose emotional grip.

Secret #4- To not lose your mind preface your training with prayer.

My first line of defense is praying over it. You may say positive affirmations. Whichever you chose, the practice will center the home and the people in it.

Ask God to give you the capacity to love unconditionally. You have to cultivate love in your heart for helpless little people.

Because that is exactly what your little ones are, they are helpless. Did you know that your children do not have the brainpower when young to fully reason things out?

According to many studies, brain wiring continues all the way up into their early 20s.

Cover their love language in prayer

It may seem strange to your ears for me to say this, but we have to learn how to love our kids the way that they need to be loved.

I found it extremely easy, to love them when they were babies. But when they got older this began to alter.

when I had to mother them, homeschool them, and be with them every day, this required another level of love.

It’s love only unleashed with prayer. It is Agape love, one that I didn’t naturally always want to give.

Yet, to keep from losing my mind I had to cultivate this love in my spirit. Agape, unconditional love,  is what every heart needs in order to be a sane, healthy, rocking parent.

Now, don’t think, “She wants me to be a wimpy doormat for my family. No, on the contrary. I want you to learn how to love and be a rock at the same time.


Giving them self-reliance skills preserves your mind

Show them, love, by talking with them, walking with them, disciplining them, not begrudgingly, but in freedom.

Teaching them to do for themselves at an early age frees up your mind from much stress.

After you have modeled the results that you want from them, let them do it. I had to drop perfection, it was too exhausting.

This will free you up tremendously and give them extremely, important self-reliant skills. You must train your family in what it is you want to accomplish in your home.

Help them to see that you need peace and order so that you can give them your best. It always surprises me, when I tell my kids that I need some time, how accommodating they are.

This didn’t just happen overnight, it is a direct result of training, training, training.

Secret #5- Train your heart & mind to embrace the season of mothering

See your role as a mother absolutely essential and God-honoring. This secret is paramount to you not losing your mind’ It is equally important to your children’s childhood memories &  to their self-esteem.

Likewise, you would be surprised how your happiness affects your husband’s sense of headship and how he provides.

Yeah, it is that serious. Our emotions and actions greatly affect our family. Somehow Mom is a centering balm for the family group. So we need to find ways to create natural harmony in our homes.

In short, we do not want to run around dazed and confused, so let’s put these actions into motion. We definitely do not want our poor planning skills to take our minds either.

In part 3, I will share more of the methods that have kept me from losing my mind.

Over the years my husband and I have been successful in raising all 8 of our children using these methods. I have shared more of our journey in my book. Check it out by clicking the picture.

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