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How not to lose your mind pt3

How not to lose your mind pt3

January 23, 2021 Adrienne Brown 0 Comments

Actions that will help to strengthen your mind and resolve.

How not to lose your mind pt3 gives you easy simple actions to maintaining your sanity. Be sure to go back and read parts 1 & 2 of the methods.

Secret # 6- Learn to say “No”

When asked to do something outside of your daily routine, say no! Get comfortable with saying it.

Especially, if that thing is going to keep you from managing your homeschool & your family.

Once, the kids and I were invited to spend the day with another homeschooling family, and we arrived a little early.

Her kids were in the middle of an intense basketball game, which was their exercise for the day.

The mother did not pause the game on our account; they continued playing until their routine was finished.

This mother understood how to maintain her routine. She said no to interruptions.


Secret #7 -Keep to your own routine

When you have an academic system that is working for your homeschool, don’t be tempted to chase after bigger and better things. This is one of the fastest ways to lose your mind.

Please, don’t become lured by every new flashy idea. Never compare your homeschool to your friends, this is so self-defeating.

I have seen too many moms become depressed and then burn out fast. It was all due to the comparison game. It is not worth losing your mind over.

Secret # 8 -Stop driving your children everywhere

You should not be driving all over the neighborhood, to separate sports events. Do your best to choose a sport or team that will include all of your children.

This one move alone will save you from losing your mind.

How not to lose your mind pt3

When you have multiple kids, with different sports desires, train them to wait. They will have to learn to wait their turn.

I would never run them around like a chicken with her head cut off. You are a loving mom, not wonder woman. If you do this, you will lose your mind just from the anxiety of it.

Secret #9 These next activities are sure to keep you from losing your mind

If you are consistent and persistent with these next ideas, they will eventually bring you much joy.

Coloring & Drawing

My kids and I spent a lot of family time coloring posters together. On some occasions, Dad would join us. When he did join the boys would ooh and aah over his excellent drawing skills.

How not to lose your mind pt3
How not to lose your mind pt3
How not to lose your mind pt3
homeschool mom of 8


To help you develop a joy for being with your kids read to them. As you read, give them crayons, markers blank paper, huge-sized doodle art, and poster boards.

I would just let them go for it. Some of their wonderful creations are still in my memory box of love today.

How not to lose your mind pt3

It will surprise you how much the older kids enjoy this activity as well. By doing this at least once a week, everyone will come to love it.

It always brought me joy and peace to see how much my kids enjoyed me reading for them as they colored.

How not to lose your mind pt3
How not to lose your mind pt3

I promise you, these I wouldn’t trade for a pound of gold.

How not to lose your mind pt3

Heck, if you like drawing, you could go to the library to get books on CD. Then all of you can listen, while you draw and color together.

We listened to so many series of books in this way, as we created our beautiful works of art.

Nature walks

There is something awesome about frequent walks in the natural realm that help to clear the mind and perks up the heart.

Likewise, enjoying the fresh air and the peaceful nature sounds of the woods enriches your spirit.

homeschool mom of 8
homeschool mom of 8

Sometimes when I started to feel overwhelmed or caged in, I would throw the books aside and get out of the house. It truly helps to clear my mind and creates bonds between the kids and me.

homeschool mom of 8
how not to lose your mind pt3
How not to lose your mind pt3
How not to lose your mind pt3

There is something about being out in nature as a family that can aid a  healing heart. I will give you one more secret!

Talking helps keep you from losing your mind

Talk, talk, talk! When you talk with your kids, you learn so much about them. Like, how they feel about certain things.

what really makes them happy or sad. They will in their own way tell you their innermost feelings.

This is one of the biggest heart-knitting activities that I can share with you. My sons, let me know what was going on in their hearts quite naturally. These talks helped me to know who I was raising.

As a young mom, raising kids is hard, overwhelming at times, and downright exhausting! But take it from me, a mother of 4 adult sons and 4 under the age of 18 who are still at home. 

When your time is over having to mother them, homeschool them, and be with them every day, you will miss them.

When they are gone, It feels like a loss, a kind of death. Even so, this too is natural. For if you train them right, they will move to the next phase in their lives.

I hope you find these simple things on how to keep from losing your mind helpful. My heart is to help young parents to embrace the season of raising their children with joy and purpose.

Most importantly, I want to help a young mom keep her sanity as she is managing her home. I want to encourage her in this extremely important role.

My heart and methods are not my own. Most of everything that I learned over the years came from the Word of God. I write all about my ups and downs, my successes, and my wins in my first book. Check it out!



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