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homeschooling multiple grade levels for the first time

Homeschooling Multiple Grade Levels For the First Time

August 8, 2023 Adrienne Brown 0 Comments

Firstly, homeschooling multiple grade levels for the first time is very challenging and requires extreme dedication.

Secondly, I am a veteran homeschool consultant dedicated to helping new and aspiring homeschooling parents reach their homeschool goals.

Think about it, new homeschool parents often need support, guidance, and help to find resources necessary to succeed in homeschooling.

Since our family has experience in multiple styles of homeschooling, we feel qualified to walk alongside newcomers.

Plus, we are passionate about inspiring confidence in parents who may be navigating this process for the first time.

First-time homeschooling multiple grade levels

Are you a first-time homeschooling parent? Do you have two or more children you are thinking about homeschooling?

I know how it feels when you have never homeschooled before but you want to.

What you really need is guidance, support, and an experienced person to help you through.

Because It is often overwhelming and can cause you to feel unsure about the homeschooling process.

Then you start to question your ability to do it and wonder why you even considered homeschooling in the first place.


But, hold on! If you are anything like I was in the beginning then I know this is also true about you.

You are determined to provide your children with the best education possible. You understand that you will need the best help that you can find.

Above all, you are not too proud to seek out the help that you need.

And with that winning attitude, you will be mega-successful in homeschooling your children.

1 to 3 years experience homeschooling

Maybe you have been homeschooling for about 1 to 2 years but you still feel overwhelmed every now and then.

Even though you have some experience with homeschooling, you just want to learn some new strategies or try a new curriculum.

The first thing I know about you is that you are very committed to homeschooling and you believe in its benefits.

So, don’t be discouraged because you are feeling a nudge to use another resource.

Many times I have felt that same feeling, and a few times I actually switched my curriculum.

Especially with the math curriculums, I switched from Abeka to Saxon with one of my sons and it proved to be a disaster.

Simply because The two math curriculums present very differently and I already understood Abeka.

Another time, I tried to switch my child from my staple math, Abeka to Math-U-see, but that too failed. This child just didn’t like having to use the manipulative.

However, the manipulatives and extras from these curricula did come in handy for some of our other students.

Such as using the companion video from Saxon and the manipulatives from Math-U-See proved most helpful in their understanding of concepts.

What does this mean for you? Well, I am just trying to encourage you to evaluate your kids and curriculum first before switching.

Here’s how: Go to the back of your child’s textbook to find the extra work pages such as reviews or homework pages.

After they have had some time to study the concepts a little, use the other curriculum to test their comprehension levels.

After accessing them this way you can know if they are truly comprehending your current curriculum. This fact may help you to make a better decision about whether you should change or not.

To the working Parent

I know that it is hard trying to keep up with work and homeschooling, yet it can be done.

You really need to have flexibility in your children’s learning schedule.

Finding support can be as easy as joining a co-op group that has co-teaching at its core.

This kind of relationship is magical for parents who need to work but desires to homeschool their children.

Also, there are supportive resources that can supplement your child’s education when you are not available to teach.

So, find and build up strong relationships with other parents who you can barter your time with.

You may be able to teach their children when you are not working and have them teach all the kids when you are working.

Homeschooling multiple children is challenging

Whether you are seeking resources and guidance to successfully homeschool your children who are at various grade levels.

You will need to find a curriculum that can be adapted to meet the needs of each child. In doing so you will save money, as well as, freedom from headaches from trying to use various curriculums.

Homeschooling is becoming more prevalent among big families

Did you know that nearly 3.7 million students were homeschooled in the United States in the 2019-2020 school year, with most families homeschooling more than one child?

Subsequently, families homeschooling for the first time found it challenging to provide individualized instruction and attention to each child.

These parents also found it difficult to sort out which curricula to use for each student.

That’s where the homeschool veteran can help

An experienced homeschooling veteran can help you identify and select the appropriate curriculum for your family.

Veteran homeschoolers can show big families how to create and maintain a structured schedule and routine.

A veteran homeschooler can teach you how to respond to people who criticize and question you about deciding to homeschool.

To sum things up, although it can be difficult, hectic, and costly to homeschool multiple children, it can be accomplished.

If you find that you need help to homeschool your multiple children click this page to schedule a free 30-minute call with me. I would love to help you.

Also, here is a book that shares my story of when I first started homeschooling:

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