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Five fundamental pillars for achieving success in homeschool

Five Fundamental Pillars for Achieving Success in Homeschooling

August 1, 2023 Adrienne Brown 0 Comments

Five fundamental pillars for achieving success in our homeschool are as follows:

  1. Firm decisions about curriculum
  2. Emphasis on the ACT and SAT test
  3. Extracurricular Activity
  4. Strong stance on the family unit
  5. A firm foundation in Christ

We have applied these fundamental actions to our homeschooling for the past 27 years and they have worked. Out of our 5 college students, one went to public school for a period of 8 years.

Yet, we were able to apply these principles even to that student. One of our objectives was to ensure that our children were prepared to enter college if desired. So far all of our high school graduates got into the school they wanted.

Following the fundamental pillars listed above will help you to get your teens into most colleges.

First Pillar: Firmness in Curriculum

Your initial step in your homeschooling journey is to identify the curriculum that would best serve your children’s educational needs.

We decided on the Abeka curriculum, known for its comprehensive and demanding nature that stimulates a robust work ethic in students.

Not only does Abeka set high academic expectations, but it also offers a well-rounded educational experience, incorporating subjects like Bible studies, foreign languages, and fine Art.


As parent teachers, this curriculum allows you the privilege of keeping tabs on your children’s progress and to step in with assistance whenever necessary.

We chose to adhere to maintaining consistency in using our chosen curriculum over some time. Because we have simply gotten phenomenal results. Oh, and we had two sons go off to college the same year.

We also understood that Abeka, like any comprehensive educational program, required time to manifest its effectiveness fully.

It’s not a quick fix, but a steady, long-term investment in your children’s educational development.

By consistently sticking with the curriculum, you will be able to gauge its impact on your children’s progress and adjust your teaching methods as necessary.

This commitment to continuity allowed us to witness firsthand how the curriculum nurtured our children’s growth, reinforcing our faith in the choices we made for their education.

You will have to give the curriculum some time to prove its effectiveness.

Second Pillar: Emphasis on the ACT and SAT test

The second cornerstone of successful homeschooling was an early and concentrated emphasis on ACT and SAT testing.

Rather than introducing standardized testing during elementary or middle school, we intentionally began this focus in their sophomore year of high school.

These tests are instrumental in the college admissions process and in securing scholarships, thus warranting meticulous attention.

To prepare our children, we ensured they had access to a wealth of test preparation books and other materials.

In addition, we solicited the help of friends who are professionals in effective test-taking strategies.

This strategic approach resulted in our children scoring within the top percentile, a feat that significantly contributed to their acceptance into highly competitive colleges.

This strategy will work for others as well.

Third Pillar: Extracurricular Activity

Extracurricular activities are what will tip the scale in your child’s favor. So we encouraged our kids to participate in various extracurricular activities.

Homeschooling allowed us to be more flexible with their schedules, which gave our kids the opportunity to participate in activities outside of school.

For example, our son was part of a local youth group, played on a baseball team, and participated in community bands, archaeological digs, and much more.

These extracurricular activities will not only add depth to your child’s education but also gives them opportunities to develop leadership skills and build relationships.

Fourth Pillar: Strong Stance on the Family Unit

In our family, we never over-emphasized the unconventional aspects of our familial ties. Instead of defining ourselves by labels, such as stepdad, foster mom, stepchild, or foster dad, we focused on fostering a sense of unity and mutual respect that transcended biological connections.

We recognized the strength and love inherent in our dynamic, seeing it not as a collection of disparate parts, but as a cohesive whole.

Families are defined by much more than just blood relations; they are formed by shared experiences, mutual respect, unwavering support, and above all, love.

We emphasized these values in our home, teaching our children that labels do not define our relationships or our worth.

Instead of focusing on what makes you different, celebrate what brought you together. This approach helped you build a nurturing environment, where everyone can feel valued, loved, and accepted.

This sense of belonging and acceptance, we believe, is instrumental in the growth, development, and ultimate success of children, both in their education and their personal lives.

Fifth Pillar: A Firm Foundation in Christ

This last pillar is the glue that holds everything together for us. It may not be your belief and that is ok, but we trust and lean upon Jesus for our strength.

This is the same religious stance shared with our children for more than 27 years and we have not lost hope.

These five fundamental pillars helped us to achieve success in our homeschool

Our children’s successes can be greatly attributed to the solid foundation we laid through homeschooling.

If you find yourself contemplating the homeschooling route, we wholeheartedly encourage you to take the plunge.

While it may present its challenges, the rewarding outcomes make the journey worthwhile.

We appreciate your time and look forward to sharing more insights with you in our upcoming video!

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