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10 Reasons you should seek consultation with a veteran homeschooler

October 4, 2021 Adrienne Brown 0 Comments

Consultation with a veteran homeschooler can free you up to soar

This is a point that I can’t stress enough. Your homeschooling days will be so much better if you seek consultation from a veteran homeschooling parent.

Why? You ask.

Because a veteran homeschooler can help you skip many years of pitfalls and tail chasing.

That’s right. a veteran homeschooler who is a consultant, has been there done that!

From choosing the right curriculum for your family to creating awesome high school transcripts. Not to mention helping you to set up or not to set up schoolwork areas in your home.

Consulting with a veteran homeschooler can help you to quickly find exciting groups that do dynamic co-ops together and who enjoy fascinating field trips every month if that’s what you’re looking for.

In other words, your homeschooling life will be 10x if you consult with a veteran homeschooling parent for these 10 reasons.

#1 – Family Specific Focus

Yes. A veteran homeschooler will model this characteristic for you. especially if the parent is an old G. They will have this trait down-packed. You will learn to focus on the structural dynamics and the immediate needs of your own family.

Family focus is the single most liberating skill you will need to harness when you are starting out in homeschooling. In my experience, the most stressed-out homeschooling parents are those who do not keep their eyes on their own families.

#2 – Setting Homeschooling Goals

As a newbie homeschooler, you will have to set goals for the success of your children’s education. Consulting with a veteran homeschooler can get you streamlined guidance to list the goals that you have for your family.

You will understand how to set current goals, near-future goals, and overall homeschooling goals.

Think about it, a veteran homeschool parent has a bird’ eyes view of the overall homeschooling journey. Especially, if they have already graduated students from their homeschool into college.

#3 – Mindset Realignment

Hold on, I am not kidding about this one. Most new homeschooling parents try to approach homeschooling just like they would as if they were putting their children into public school.

However, consulting with a veteran homeschooler will help you to realign that kind of thinking. You will find that homeschooling is completely flexible. It is the freedom of homeschooling that allows you to control how far your child goes in his educational career. Trust me he or she can fly with the eagles!!!

#4 – Guidance Approaching the Pertinent Officials

What does this mean to you? Well, let me just say that when you are just starting out, homeschooling can be very frustrating and mind-boggling. It is imperative that you contact the right authorities when you are thinking about homeschooling so you are covered legally.

A veteran homeschooler consultant will direct you through the process of contacting all of the important entities.

#5 – Choosing the Perfect Curriculum

When it comes to choosing a curriculum as a new homeschooler you can really get lost. Think about it, in order for you to choose the right curriculum you will have to know what’s out there and how the curriculum works.

This is where a veteran homeschooler can truly be a valuable source of information. The average veteran homeschooling consultant has either used a particular curriculum or has good working knowledge about it.

This gives you an advantage over those who choose not to consult a veteran homeschooling parent.

Consulting with a veteran homeschooler

#6 – Planning Homeschooling Schedules

A veteran homeschooler more than likely has had to plan, re-adjust and totally change the family’s school schedule on many occasions. Therefore as a consultant, he or she will be an excellent source for resources that can help you plan your homeschool’s yearly schedule.

#7 – Mapping Out Extra curricular activities

And it doesn’t stop there! Consulting with a veteran homeschooling parent about extracurricular activities will save you hours of searching and running around. They will know where the coops are, where the sports are and many other fun activities for your kids to enjoy.

#8 – Money Hacks

Similarly, consulting with a veteran homeschooler will save you much money. You will not have to go spend hundreds of dollars trying out the various curriculum nor trying out activities that are not a good fit for your family. A veteran homeschooler has perfected ways to cut pennies in homeschooling.

#9 – Grades and Transcript

A veteran homeschooling consultant will help you learn how to evaluate your children’s work and how to award the appropriate grades. As a consultant, they will know how to create a high school transcript that any college will accept.

#10 – Friendship with an older experienced homeschooler

Oh and, some of the other valuable benefits of working with a veteran homeschooling consultant is

  • Fast, safe help
  • Having a Mentor
  • On hand homeschooling wisdom
  • and most of all friendship

Homeschooling is a serious commitment, so finding a friendly, knowledgeable homeschooling consultant is crucial to your homeschooling success.

Oh, by the way, I love helping new parents with, homeschooling, parenting, and home management!

Contact me if you want, I’ll be sure to answer!

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