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Building Character Through Sports

August 3, 2018 Adrienne Brown 0 Comments

You can accomplish a lot of your parenting goals with sports.

Yeah really, building character through sports is a perfect parenting move. The discipline of teamwork and parenting can go together!


My kids have grown because of their participation in local teams, Swim teams, basketball teams, football teams, and cheerleader teams. Each child benefiting from discipline and teamwork.

There are many common character-building aspects to be gained from team sports. Let me highlight a few of them in particular.

Building perseverance in character through sports

Parenting & swim-team

With every team that I have allowed my children to participate in, all have instilled perseverance. No matter what level my children were at when starting out, they developed perseverance!

This is a necessary characteristic for all human beings. It carries over to so many areas in their lives!


We wanted our children to be hardworking individuals that would give there best at an activity. We didn’t want them giving up before they ever tried.

Once the child had met that minimal goal that child could stop if they wanted. But usually, the child didn’t want to stop after all.

Consequently, they started to understand the meaning of persevering for the benefit as a whole, their team.

 Building self-confidence in character through sports

Building character with sports

When they were on the swim team, I watched each of my children go from not being sure about their ability to tread water, to flip turning on the wall at lightning speed.

The swim team helped to encourage and enhance what we were trying to instil in them at home.

Each of our children went from standing in a frozen state, scared to mess up, to leaping from the diving board into 12 feet of water!

Now that’s awesome! That’s building self-confidence and character through sports.

Fearless character

This one is at the top of my list because it opens us up to so many other opportunities! I am not just talking about the kids, I mean the parents too!

This one takes away the heart-pounding anxiety that a parent has every time they go around water!

building character through sportsith

Fear is the number one reason we keep our kids from participating in many water-based activities. When we allow our kids to be on a swim team,  they will gain life-saving skills that allow us to relax!


Participating in any kind of team sport can teach the young person to be brave and courageous. They will develop a strong sense of self-awareness and confidence.

These are all character traits that our children need to be successful in life.

Team sports can help you as a parent to channel a Childs energy towards positive activities.


Team sports are essential in helping your young boys to develop into capable young men.

Building character through sports

These are just a few reasons why I propose that team sports can help you with parenting. Team sports will help you to instill, and grow strong character in your children!

Building character through sports

Parents get those children out and on your local sports team! You & your child will be better for doing so.  Plus it is way fun!




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