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Kite Flying

August 1, 2018 Adrienne Brown 0 Comments

We had so much fun flying kites with Kanki.  Kanki is our Japanese exchange student here to live with us for a month this summer! We are trying to show him how awesome American culture is!  I hope he will remember the many things that we have exposed him to, and want to visit us again one day.

You can get kites for your entire family, Look at this cool one!

aGreatLife Huge Rainbow Kite for Kids – One of The Toys for Outdoor Games and Activities – Good Plan for Memorable Summer Fun – This Magic Kit Comes w

This one is so cool, looks like a huge bird that you can control!

Hengda Kite-Strong Eagles!Huge beginner eagle kites for Kids and Adults.74-Inch by Hengda kite

Now ,these are perfect for the littles of the family!

Hengda Kite-Pack 3 Colors(Red&Green&Blue)Beautiful Large Easy Flyer Kite for Kids-software octopus-It’s BIG! 31 Inches Wide with Long Tail 157 Inches Long-Perfect for Beach or Park by Hengda kite

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