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3 New Mom Survival Power Tips

August 23, 2019 Adrienne Brown 0 Comments

New mom survival power tip #1

When new baby is fussy and not sleeping, you should try co-sleeping.

This is the term used today, for what I did naturally. So, If you don’t co-sleep start doing it! Varying opinions exist about co-sleeping, but my life was made much easier because I practiced this for all of my babies.

Everyone will sleep so much better. We kept our children right in our room when they were infants.

My babe was safely placed close to my breast and I shielded him from falling from the bed.

or we would place him snugly in a pack and play mobile bed. I made this choice if I was particularly tired or not feeling well. Co-sleeping made our lives so much easier!

We had very few sleepless nights because I nursed my babies. With them being so near, I just had to pick the baby up, plop the warm milk in his mouth, and place him right next to me on the bed.

I know some experts warn against allowing baby to sleep with you, but all 5 of mine are healthy, strong, alive and well. Let me encourage you, new mom, you can do it, just trust that you will do what’s best for your baby.

New mom survival power tip #2

Freeing up your hands

Many times I hear young mothers complaining that they can’t get anything done during the day, because they have the baby.

I do understand that it is very hard to complete everything you want to do. Yet, from experience, I know that it isn’t completely impossible. Here is a survival tip that will literal free you up!  

You’re gonna have to get creative, be flexible and just realize you do not have to be a superwoman. Here are a few tactics to use for accomplishing many simple tasks during your day.

One way of freeing up your hands is to wear your baby. Use a front pack (opposite of a backpack), You know what I mean. Get yourself one of those baby carriers, where you put the baby in front of your body.

I absolutely loved in sling

This thing made it possible for me to accomplish a lot, like cleaning many areas of my home.

It allowed me to cook breakfast for my other children or write on the chalkboard when we were doing working outside

As a new mom, a lot is required of you, so you must find creative ways to help you go about your day. Babywearing is one of those hand freeing ways to help you get things done. Now, I didn’t get everything completed every day in a perfect way, but I was able to get the main things done this way, and my household survived. new mom

New mom bonus

One other awesome benefit of wearing my baby was that my baby had a sweet sense of loving peace. I know this because he slept so soundly, no matter what I was doing.

Even when I was vacuuming my carpet, or running water as I washed dishes.

Mom, I strongly believe that this way of caring for my babies also trained them to sleep through anything. mom with baby in carrier sling

When the babies were napping during the day, we didn’t change our volume of living in the home, and the baby never was disturbed by the normal noises.

Ladies, this stage in your life will go by so quickly, that you will open your eye’s one day and wonder where they all went. So use your motherly instincts to find creative ways to run your home smoothly.

New Mom survival power tip #3

Energy building Music & Dance

Do you remember when you were younger, how a certain song would make you lose your mind? Can you still imagine how you felt when the melody rang through your ears?new mom dancing

I want you to feel that familiar tingling of your senses when you just wanted to move with every pulsating beat that blasted from the speakers.

Put on some old, funky beats, grab those kids, and dance all around the house with them.

Dancing will benefit you in so many different ways. When you dance you can feel the tension being released from your body the entire time.

I love moving until I can’t move any more!!! If you dance for 15 minutes you will get a good cardio work out which is good for the heart  and a surge of energy.

Dancing will let your children burn off some of that extra energy that is wound up inside of their little bodies! This survival power tips is so much fun!  In addition, while dancing with your kids, you are weaving spirit building memories that they will have for a life time!

If you like these tips let me know in the comments and wait for it, I will tell you more in the next post!

Love you all!

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