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Create a lasting Bond with baby through Breastfeeding

April 27, 2015 Adrienne Brown 0 Comments

Breastfeeding my Babies

The attitude about the subject of breastfeeding within my circle of friends and family is so baffling to me. When I decided to do it, back in the day,  my choice received a plethora of opinions. Some of my family and friends were totally for it and thought it best for my babies.

Yet, the majority frowned with smirks of disgust at the very thought of it. I can remember that my grandmother and aunt even thought breastfeeding would be demeaning to me. When I tried to convince my young cousin to breastfeed, she laughed at my suggestion as if I were telling her to let the baby suckle a pig.


It doesn’t help that, some woman are exposing their bodies to the world, sexualizing the breast to the point of perversion. We have gotten the idea that our breast are solely for the enjoyment of our lovers, or to make us appear sexier.

Although, our breast help to round us out as women and make us more attractive, I don’t think this was the original reason God created our breast. It seems that we have missed the mark.

Believe me I do understand that some women have medical reasons why they cannot breastfeed or that some women choose to bottle feed. But many women really have no reason for why they don’t, other than just that the desire to breastfeed is just not there.

I just find it curious how our pets have more of an instinctual pull to nurse their young, while some of us humans turn our noses up at a free nutritional gift to our babies.

What the heck, Why is this attitude so prevalent? Have any of you ever experience this?

Let’s support the young mothers of today

It is awesome that we now have more organizations forming to support women in these lifestyle choices. I found much support within my homeschooling community, but not in my family and the circle of friends outside of homeschooling.

Hoping and praying that the future for young moms who are bringing up families today is better. I hope that they can find support and love within their immediate families as they choose this way of life.

Let’s not looked upon them as  strange or weird. Let’s help these young mothers to bond with their beautiful children.

Just my thoughts on the matter. What are some of your experiences with the topic discussed?



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