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8th grade -Sugar Composition Experiment

February 13, 2018 Adrienne Brown 0 Comments

Breaking down the elements of sugars

This experiment was really quite entertaining, seeing the

sugar start to bubble and then change to a clear liquid was cool.2timearound-sugar1-12-18 (2)

I think that I was just as fascinated by it then the kids


This experiment provided us with a clear view of element separation.

We learned that sugar is composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.practicalmindedness-sugar1-12-18 starting with waterThis is our first attempt, which we realized was wrong because we should not have  added water. So we had to start over again.

Once heated there was a formation of a black substance which was actually the carbon.practicalmindedness-sugar1-12-18 (3)

The liquid formed was a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen.


you should try this experiment it was really easy but educational!

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