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Brighten up your day

Brighten up your day in 4 meaningful ways

January 15, 2021 Adrienne Brown 0 Comments

Looking out at the landscape of my yard makes me shiver. Yes, it is officially winter and I can’t help but think of coldness, darkness, and isolation.

4 ways to brighten up your day

Brighten up those winter days

Oh, I know that winter is a necessary evil, Lol! Just kidding.

It is a season that is needed on the earth, God knows exactly why. Sometimes we don’t understand, but that is not the most important issue.

Yet, before rising out of my warm bed this morning it got me to thinking of parallels. Because when I threw the blankets from over my body there was an instant chill.

It was so cold that I could not force myself out of bed.

I’m usually a person that can get up, without much prompting from anything.

But this particular morning, I couldn’t take it.

Thoughts about how much I hate winter, made me think about how much I hate sin.

The Parallels of darkness

Yes, in a lot of ways winter is so much like sin, it’s cold, it’s dark, and it causes isolation.

Some of the coldest and darkest times in my life, was when I was dealing with some kind of sinful thing, spiritual warfare.

Not just my own sin, but situations that any of my children had to deal with or even a family members sin problem.

As winter can do for some, sin will put you in a depressing frame of mind. Without counsel, you will slip deeply into darkness and began to separate yourself from others.

As white, snowy days can give us temporary pleasure, so to, some sins.

Yet the aftermath is what wreaks havoc in our lives.

brighten up your day
When I think of them it brightens my life

So to prevent these things we must be diligent and active, with our spiritual selves. We must work hard to stay in the sunlight, as we bask in the Son’s light, who is the light of the world.

Something to brighten up your day

Try these meaningful ways to prevent sins winter like coldness from overtaking your brightened days.

1. Count your blessings, name them one by one. Seems simple or maybe even stupid but it will change your thought patterns.

brighten up your day
One of my blessings
brighten up my day
And another

2. Remember that there is always someone out there that needs you and

that you can help.

3. Fortify your thoughts with empowering scriptures

4. God is likened to a consuming fire -Allow His presence to fill your total being.

Do this with prayer, talk to Him as if He is constantly walking alongside you-Because He is. He will cause sin and winter lows, alike to flee from you.


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